Frequently Asked Questions

 What is dueldog?

Dueldog is a fully automated esports platform for online gamers to compete against each other for cash and prizes. Dueldog provides a unique new experience for gamers to compete in a secure and safe manner.

 How do I play?

Playing on dueldog is seamless. Simply register an account and log in through Steam. Select the game you would like to play and the entry fee you wish to compete for. Once matched with an opponent click the “Launch Game” button when available and start gaming. Match results will be automatically detected by dueldog’s software.

 Is it legal?

Dueldog operates 100% legally under U.S. laws. The games we host are games of skill, not chance. Unfortunately, a select few states don’t allow cash prizes for games of skill (gg politics). If you are a resident of the following states you cannot play for cash prizes on the dueldog platform: Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Tennessee. You must be at least 18 years of age to play for real money on the dueldog platform.

 Can I have more than one account?

No. Dueldog prohibits users from opening up more than one account to ensure fair gameplay. Registering multiple accounts is a violation of our Terms of Service and any potential winnings associated with those accounts may not be honored.

 How do I deposit?

Eligible users can deposit funds by going to the account page on their profile and accessing the cashier portal through the deposit button. All deposits are handled securely either through PayPal or ACH (eCheck) – no credit card or sensitive information is stored on the dueldog platform. In order to deposit, you are required to provide your full name, date of birth and email address. If your identity cannot be verified, you may be required to submit additional information or documentation.

 How do I withdraw?

Eligible users can withdraw funds by going to the account page on their profile and accessing the withdraw button. Currently all withdrawals are handled through ACH (eCheck). Once a withdrawal is submitted, dueldog customer support will review the users account and withdrawal request. Once approved, you will be prompted to complete your withdrawal. Upon completion of your withdrawal, please allow 2-8 days for funds to hit your account. Any account that is set up illegitimately, or breaches the dueldog Terms of Service, will be deactivated and funds will be frozen.

 What about cheaters?

DUELDOG takes cheating extremely seriously and has several measures in place to prevent cheaters. 1- mandatory ID Verification when depositing 2- client side anti-cheat 3- proprietary server side anti-cheat 4- manual review process for each withdrawal which prevents any cheater from doing a "hit and run". Any user deemed to be cheating is subject to having their account / balance permanently frozen.

Cheating to win money is a form of fraud and will be viewed as such to the fullest extent of the law.

 What if I or my opponent disconnects? How does dueldog handle disputes?

Every user is responsible for their own internet connection and game stability. If a user disconnects and cannot reconnect to the server that user will likely forfeit the match and funds. As per our Terms of Service, dueldog has the final say on all disputes and matches. Users have 24 hours from start time to dispute a match or else dispute is void.

 How does the skill ranking system work?

Dueldog uses a variety of methods to determine each users rank. This is done to ensure fair and level game play among users on the site. The more a user plays, the smarter the skill ranking gets.

 Are you affiliated with any of the games on the platform?

Dueldog is not affiliated in any way with the games hosted on our platform. Valve, the Valve logo, Half-Life, the Half-Life logo, the Lambda logo, Steam, the Steam logo, Team Fortress, the Team Fortress logo, Opposing Force, Day of Defeat, the Day of Defeat logo, Counter-Strike, the Counter-Strike logo, Source, the Source logo, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Portal, the Portal logo, Dota, the Dota 2 logo, and Defense of the Ancients are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation.